How it works

Build an assignment incorporating voice, video, images, and text using our online editor.

Get your students speaking.

Classtime is often not enough to engage students in the individual spoken practice they need. Many students study foreign language for years without developing the speaking skills to communicate abroad. We know - we've been there. Use the Lingt editor to improve and assess spoken proficiency by making online spoken assignments as integral to your homework schedule as your usual reading and writing assignments.

Simple and flexible.

The Lingt editor is simple enough for anyone to use while remaining flexible enough to allow implementation of almost any spoken or written exercise. You can create:

  • spoken dialogues
  • dictations
  • pronunciation practice
  • oral examinations or diagnostics
  • reading practice
  • image or video commentary
  • your own inventions

Lingt allows students to listen to teachers' and their own recordings as many times as they'd like, making it perfect for pronunciation and comprehension exercises.

A better student experience.

Supplementing your curriculum with online spoken exercises offers your students a more intimate and effective channel to practice speaking. Not only will students spend more time speaking, they can be more bold and develop confidence in the privacy of their own home. By providing consistent feedback, you can provide your students with intimate and ongoing critiques of their spoken performance.

Incorporate culture.

Grammar points and vocabulary are only half the language-learning experience. Embed foreign music videos, commercials, TV shows, and images to stimulate learning with authentic cultural media.

No technology headaches.

We dedicate ourselves to building software that is easy-to-use, effective, and beautiful. Forget about heavy installations and rigid system requirements: Lingt is entirely online and works in every major browser. You and your students can access your Lingt assignments from the classroom, a home computer, or on the go.

Save time.

By reusing your Lingt assignments, using content created by other teachers, and administering time-intensive oral exams or diagnostics, you can reclaim significant time in your busy teaching schedule. Use the time saved doing speaking exercises in class to focus on other material or accommodate more students.

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