Lingt is a new company that builds technology for foreign language learning

We want to build technology that helps people learn foreign languages in new and innovative ways. We believe that educational technology is most effective when it brings teachers and students together and we focus on building intuitive, extremely simple interfaces that are functional and elegant.

Who we are

We are a small team of language-loving technologists who are passionate about making teachers lives easier while providing tools to help them do their job better. Read our blog to learn more about us and the company.

Get students to speak

Despite decades of consensus that the point of studying language is to learn to speak, foreign language classrooms are still dominated by fill-in-the-blank and matching exercises. Lingt allows teachers to easily create online assignments that get students speaking without having to devote already limited class time and resources. Learn more about our product and how it works here.

Our core values

Lingt operates and will continue to grow under the following principles:

  • Innovative language learning technology can have the greatest effect in foreign language classrooms where learning is supervised and driven by teachers.
  • Our technology should be applicable to any curriculum, textbook, or teaching methodology. It should be a useful complement to a teacher’s preferred teaching style.
  • Technology is an enabling tool. Educational innovation itself only comes through developers, teachers, and students working together to identify new best practices and applications.
  • Sound pedagogy should direct technology development. Developers should be familiar with accepted research in language acquisition and work to apply its principles to improve learning.